1. SHAPE Redoubles Commitment to Eradicate Heart Attacks and Embarks on Fundraising for SHAPE Trial
  2. Six Additional East Texas Medical Center Hospitals Certified as SHAPE Centers of Excellence
  3. SHAPE Task Force Applauds Recent Urgent Calls to Overhaul CVD Prevention Guidelines
  4. Golf Fore Heart 2014 – Guy P. Fernandez Memorial Golf Tournament – June 11,
  5. SHAPE to Conduct Annual Symposium on Primary Prevention of Heart Attack and Stroke in Asymptomatic Populations at American Heart Association Meeting
  6. SHAPE Advisor, Dr. Valentin Fuster Named Editor Of The Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology
  7. SHAPE Task Force Applauds President Bush’s Medical Team for Recognizing Value of Screening to Prevent Heart Attacks
  8. At SHAPE’s Urging, Texas Legislature Designates September 1st as ‘Texas Blood Pressure Day’
  9. SHAPE to Conduct Task Force Conference on the Latest Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Science
  10. Society for Heart Attack Prevention & Eradication (SHAPE) Names Two New Centers of Excellence
  11. SHAPE to Conduct Task Force Conference on the Latest Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Science
  13. SHAPE II Task Force Meeting Tentative Agenda, Nov. 2, 2012
  14. KPFT Interviews SHAPE August 5, 2012
  15. SHAPE Recieves Proceeds for Golf Fore Heart 2012 and Congratulations from Congressman Cummings
  16. SHAPE presents, “Reds, Whites and the Blues”
  17. St James becomes first Shape Centre of Excellence in Europe
  18. Jay Donnella, Executive Director of SHAPE Radio Interview on 100.7 FM and KKHT.com
  19. June 14, 2012 – Golf Fore Heart (Guy P. Fernandez Memorial Tournament) Baltimore, MD
  20. SHAPE Task Force Calls for Changing National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) to National Atherosclerosis Education Program
  21. The SHAPE II Task Force Meeting –ACC ‘12, Monday March 26, 2012
  22. SHAPE featured on Fox 26 News for National Heart Mont
  23. The SHAPE Guideline: Ahead of Its Time or Just in Time?
  24. SHAPE Symposium – AHA 2011 – Speaker Presentations Available
  25. SHAPE reaches out in support of the Millions Hearts Initiative
  26. SHAPE Golf FORE Heart 2011 Raises $32,000 for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication
  27. SHAPE’s Heart Attack Eradication Efforts Gain Momentum in Europe
  28. Texas Health Outpatient Center Craig Ranch Earns SHAPE Center of Excellence Designation
  29. Cedars-Sinai Imaging Center Designated SHAPE Model Center of Excellence
  30. American Heart Month Stories Leave SHAPE Task Force Both Encouraged and Concerned
  31. SHAPE Appoints Executive Director
  32. SHAPE Continues Push to Advance Heart Attack Prevention Guidelines
  33. SHAPE Welcomes New ACC/AHA Risk Assessment Guidelines
  34. Three Clinics Achieve Certification as SHAPE/HeartHealth Centers of Excellence
  35. SHAPE Awards SHAPE Provider Certification to 34 Medical Providers
  36. Four Sarasota Doctors among 34 to Earn SHAPE Provider Certification
  37. SHAPE Task Force II Convenes to Review and Update SHAPE Guideline for Heart Attack Prevention
  38. SHAPE: “Give a Heart Attack Prevention Test for Father’s Day”
  39. The death of K. Dun Gifford, Mediterranean diet advocate
  40. SHAPE and J&J Medical Collaborates to Launch “SHAPE Centers of Excellence”
  41. SHAPE and J&J Medical Collaborates to Launch “SHAPE Centers of Excellence”
  42. Panasonic Sponsors SHAPE Symposium on Cardiovascular Imaging of Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis – Coronary Calcium and Carotid IMT
  43. Preventive Cardiology Experts: Governor Perry Can Save Thousands of Lives, Reduce Healthcare Costs
  44. New Evidence Supporting the SHAPE Screening and Polypill Awareness Campaigns (ACC 2009 Highlights)
  45. SHAPE Raises Heart Attack Awareness on CBS Channel 11
  46. Texas Legislature to Hear Heart Attack Preventive Screening Bill on March 10, 2009
  47. Heart Attack Is Not an Earthquake! It Can Be Predicted, therefore Prevented
  48. Last Minute Gift Idea for Dad: In Memory of NBC’s Tim Russert, SHAPE Encourages Families to Give Dads a Heart Attack Prevention Test for Father’s Day
  49. Guy Fernandez Memorial Golf Tournament in Baltimore, June 25
  50. SHAPE Applauds Dallas Heart Study Researchers for Independent Confirmation that Screening According to SHAPE Guidelines Detects High Risk Patients Missed by Existing Practices
  51. SHAPE Honors Director of the Framingham Heart Study and University of Virginia Professor for Achievements in Heart Attack Prevention
  52. Controversy over CVD Screening Debated in Op-Ed, Blog and Symposia Heart Attack Eradication Advocates Challenge Critics in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine
  53. American Journal of Cardiology to Publish the SHAPE Task Force Report: A New Guideline for Screening Apparently Healthy Individuals to Prevent a Heart Attack
  54. Bold new report calls for blanket screening of all “at-risk” men and women using CT and carotid ultrasound
  55. Texas bill, based on SHAPE paradigm, would require insurance coverage for calcium screening and carotid ultrasound