Q.4– We know that a significant number of patients with coronary artery disease do not have an alarmingly high level of traditional risk factors, and on the other hand some people with very high cholesterol and other risk factors (including smoking) live a long life (over national life expectancy) and do not experience coronary events. What does this mean to you? Does it mean that not all individuals with risk factors are susceptible to them? Or does it mean that some people have protective factors that we don’t know about? Therefore, a personalized risk assessment is needed? What is the best method for personalization? Do you think that the hype of genomic profiling will deliver a breakthrough for personalized risk assessment? Do you recommend health-conscious individuals to take genetic tests such as 23&Me? If cost was not an issue for a health-conscious asymptomatic individual,l would you recommend getting full genome sequencing? How about getting a coronary calcium test? Which one would serve as a more personalized risk assessment tool?