In 2001, Dr. Naghavi, the founder of SHAPE invited cardiology leaders to answer these 10 questions. Now after 15 years it is interesting to review the answers and compare the predictions with the reality. The fact is that very little to no progress has been made for the early detection of vulnerable patients and for the prevention of sudden heart attacks. Preventive cardiology is at least 15 years behind and needs to innovate and move faster!


Q.7- Do you think that plaques diagnosed either by thermography (hot plaque) or elastography (soft plaque) etc. (e.g. upper quintile in each) should be stented by drug-eluding stent even if they are not stenotic (<50%)? Will you be completely satisfied if the rate of restenosis is less than 10% or will you be looking for a pan-arterial treatment instead of multiple stenting?