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The International SHAPE Accreditation program guides cardiovascular health providers to develop clinical partnerships with their referring physicians, optimize data collection and analysis of patient test results, and improve the identification of appropriately indicated patients for testing. These attributes, coupled with the comprehensive and “turn-key” SHAPE Early Detection Program, serve to differentiate SHAPE sites as superior local and regional early detection/heart attack prevention providers.

A majority (99%) of hospitals doing CAC or CIMT use direct consumer marketing to connect with potentially at-risk patients. The Centers of Excellence Program uses a guideline based and scientifically validated approach for referring patients for the early detection of asymptomatic CAD. Our turn-key early detection program teaches the hospital how to partner with their referring physicians in order to increase and sustain a larger number of patient referrals.

Our on-site training is conducted over a period of 3 days when Centers of Excellence Executive Director meets directly with your staff. Learn more about the program components below.

Training is focused on how to increase appropriate utilization of coronary artery calcium scoring or carotid IMT through appropriate patient selection by referring physicians. Secondary goals of the program include standardization of image acquisition, reporting, and patient management, national and local site recognition, the development of a Centers of Excellence Network, CAD prevention data acquisition and benchmarking, and reimbursement when available.

Program Components

> Onsite training of physician leadership

> Onsite training of medical education team

> Onsite training of administrators

> Custom CAC educational material

1. Cardiology/Radiology
2. Primary care
3. Self-Insured employer
4. Community

> Program marketing materials

> Physician reference materials

> Comprehensive CAC Physician Resource Manuals

1. Cardiology
2. Primary Care
3. Radiology

> Economic impact analysis/projections

> Ongoing performance monitoring