The Society for Heart Attack Prevention & Eradication (SHAPE) is a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes public and professional education for early detection of individuals with atherosclerotic plaques that are at risk of heart attacks and stroke but have no symptoms. These individuals who are unaware of their risk are often misclassified by traditional methods (measuring risk factors such as cholesterol and blood pressure). Sadly every year approximately 600,000 of these asymptomatic individuals in the US and millions worldwide lose their life to a sudden heart attack or stroke. SHAPE is committed to saving these lives by raising awareness of the need foscreening to detect asympotomatic atherosclerosis

Our work is guided by the active guidance and support of world-renowned cardiovascular specialists and researchers. We also maintain an energetic, full time staff as well as a growing team of dedicated volunteers.

Our primary goal is to move cardiac clinical practice from “sick care” to prevention or “healthcare,” and to eventually cure the world’s number one cause of death. To accomplish our immediate objectives we are focused on promoting the SHAPE Guidelines, clinical screening protocol that builds on risk factor detection to identify cardiovascular disease and) provide timely treatment. We believe that working with your doctor to get screened and become aware of your personal risk for heart attack and stroke, and making sure your family and friends also get screened, you can stop cardiovascular disease before it’s too late.

Our History

In 2001 Dr. Morteza Naghavi, a cardiology researcher and Director of Vulnerable Plaque at the Texas Heart Institute founded the Association for Eradication of Heart Attack (AEHA) in Houston, Texas. AEHA was an extension of his cardiovascular research that lead to the development of the first scientific task force and clinical guidelines based on prevention. Both the Taskforce and Guidelines are at the core of SHAPE’s nationwide programs.

In 2007 the name of the organization was changed to the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE), which continues its groundbreaking research related to the mechanisms, prevention, early detection and treatment of ardiovascular disease and other initiatives that promote professional education, public awareness and cardiovascular screening projects, especially for underserved populations.

As revolutionary new discoveries in cardiology have occurred, including establishing proof that atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease and the direct underlying cause of most heart attacks and replica designer watches stroke, SHAPE has been a vocal proponent of addressing cardiovascular risk in asymptomatic individuals.

Today and in the future, SHAPE’s Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of many of the most noted preventive cardiologists and researchers worldwide, continue to guide the organization to embrace and share the knowledge about new clinical practices and technologies that prevent needless heart attacks and stroke.

  1. January 7, 2016

    I am a 59 year old male who just had my calcium score done, after prodding my internist to prescribe it. My total cholesterol was at 203 and my sugar was at 103. I have been treated for high blood pressure for the past 10 years. My BMI is 24. The information the score gave me is a baseline for my future ( I was at the 79 percentile for my age).

    With this knowledge I have taken on the goal of changing my lifestyle for the better. I am 60 days into new eating habits and am continuing to review (reversal programs).

    My comment to your organization is: that the scoring is needed to “wake up” patients to their need to change how they are living. My resting BP today is 120/76 (without meds) and I am waiting 30 more days to get a VAP blood test to see how I am progressing.

    The word needs to get out that this scoring should be done on everyone over 50! It is a wake up call and patients do listen!


    • February 3, 2016

      Thank you for sharing your story. You described an excellent example of what our SHAPE organization is trying to accomplish. Alerting asymptomatic high risk individuals about their risk and helping them prevent a future heart attack.

      Congratulations on your new healthier life style.


      Morteza Naghavi

  2. April 9, 2016

    Last June at age 59 I came very close to death, and needed 5 coronary artery stents. I spent my life staying fit and eating healthy. Perfect BP, resting pulse, glucose, weight etc. Two issues that I ignored because of my commitment to health….Total Cholesterol 440, LDL 331 and a family history of heart disease.

    At age 55 I pasted the physical rigors of the police academy and became a rookie police officer. This further convinced me that heart disease would never happen to me. I am also an EMT and CPR instructor….how embarrassing is that!

    Last May-June I began to feel tired and developed an irregular pulse. Visited a cardiologist who ordered additional testing…ECG, blood test that included particle size (small dense particles off the charts) etc…including a cardiac calcium score. I scored +1300. While waiting for additional testing symptoms began. Stabbing pain in the upper back, tightness in my throat and tingling in my shoulders and arms. Never short of breath, and no symptoms during exercise.

    Went to ER and to the Cath Lab. Required 5 stents, with the worse stenosis at 95%. The physician told me that I was very fortunate that I came to the ER. He said if I had waited, I probably would have died.

    I wanted to tell my story, because I was ignorant to the facts of heart disease, and want to urge others to seek help. Thank you for your important work in trying to educate the medical profession, the public and for saving lives.

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