SHAPE and J&J Medical Collaborates to Launch “SHAPE Centers of Excellence”

SHAPE has launched a nationwide collaborative project with J & J Medical, a medical education company, to establish the new SHAPE-Certified Clinics and SHAPE Centers of Excellence as part of the “SHAPE Heart Attack Eradication Campaign”.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) October 25, 2009 — The Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE), an international organization based in Houston, Texas has entered into an agreement with J&J Medical, a medical education company based in Columbia, South Carolina, to establish SHAPE Centers of Excellence throughout the nation. J&J Medical team has extensive experience in conducting educational programs and hands-on workshops for clinicians to learn the latest in coronary CT imaging.

The initial focus of the collaboration will be the introduction of the new SHAPE-Certified Clinics and SHAPE Centers of Excellence as part of the SHAPE Heart Attack Eradication Campaign. The campaign will be launched with the implementation of nationwide comprehensive educational workshops to educate local and national CT operators, cardiologists, and the referring physician communities about the extensive scientific research and clinical application of coronary artery calcium studies. In addition, the proper and appropriate utilization of CAC studies in the daily quest for superior patient outcomes involving their CAD patient management programs will be emphasized.

To assure unrestricted access to high quality, outcomes-oriented CAC centers, J&J will immediately begin the establishment of a national network of standardized SHAPE/HeartHealth Certified ‘Centers of Excellence’. At the sites, the very latest science-based, proven outcomes- oriented CAC protocols, standards, and guidelines will be applied across the network to achieve standardized CAC imaging, data processing, and results reporting.

For more information contact Dr. Jeff Fine at 803.360.4756 or Mr. A.J. Mueller at 407.388.8453 or through


Originated from the Texas Medical Center in Houston, the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE) is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Morteza Naghavi, a former faculty of the Texas Heart Institute and the University of Texas in Houston. The mission of SHAPE is to promote education and research related to mechanism, prevention, detection, and treatment of heart attacks. The organization is committed to raising public awareness about recent revolutionary discoveries that opened exciting new avenues to prevent heart attack. SHAPE’s mission is to eradicate heart attacks in the 21st century. Additional information is available on the organization’s Web site at or call 1-877-SHAPE11

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