Step I – Test for Atherosclerosis

Step II – Find Your Level of Risk

Step III – Get Treatment According to Your Risk Level

Modeled after successful screening efforts in the cancer care arena, the 1st National SHAPE Guideline encourages virtually all men 45 and older and women 55 and older to undergo screening for sub-clinical atherosclerosis to determine their future risk of a heart attack.

The only portion of the population exempted from this universal screening recommendation are those classified as “very low risk” who satisfy all of the following criteria: cholesterol lower than 200(mg/dl), blood pressure lower than 120 over 80 (mmHg), no history of any type of diabetes, no smoking, and no family history of heart attack.

SHAPE in Your Community

With our SHAPE Certified Doctors and Clinics, along with the SHAPE Affiliated Gym programs we provide accessible resources to your community.

At a SHAPE Certified Doctor’s office:

You can expect to receive expert, up to date information regarding your heart health. A SHAPE Certified Doctor will be equipped with a sound understanding of the SHAPE Guideline and relevant implantation protocols. This expertise will allow the doctor to recommend appropriate measures including noninvasive imaging to accurately diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment for at risk patients.

The SHAPE Certified Doctor program will help equip general practitioners and other doctors on the frontlines of preventative healthcare with the knowledgebase and skills to thoroughly educate their patients, effectively identify vulnerable patients, and save lives that may have otherwise perished.

At a SHAPE Certified Clinic:

Find a place near you:

Patients will be able to obtain expert noninvasive screening procedures that are quick, painless and life saving. A feature of SHAPE Certified Clinics is their knowledgeable staff. These clinics will be able to expertly perform your screening and provide the necessary support for your doctor to accurately evaluate the results.

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